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I absolutely love this office!

Carly C. 4/14/2015

My wisdom tooth was in a lot of pain and I needed to get it looked at. I had a really bad experience at Western Dental a few years ago and was a little hesitant about getting another tooth pulled.

I had Rachel for my dental assistant for the visit and she was awesome! She made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. She had a hard time getting an X-ray of my tooth, but she was able to get Arcy to come help. Both of these ladies were hilarious and very gentle. They made sure I wasn't going to gag or feel uncomfortable getting the X-ray.

Dr. Harris came in and she was absolutely wonderful. I shared my horrific story about Western Dental, and not only did Rachel and Dr. Harris listen, but a few other dental assistants ended up listening, as well. I got very anxious and began to cry, just from talking about what happened at Western Dental, but they were all very comforting and made me feel better about being at this office.

I used the nitrous to help me relax a little bit. My tooth was a tad stubborn, but Rachel and Dr. Harris were patient and persistent. Once the tooth was pulled, Dr. Harris made sure I understood what medication they were giving me. Rachel even showed me my tooth and explained why it took so long to pull and why I was in so much pain.

These people are amazing. I will definitely come back to this office for any other visits I will need in the future. Thank you to everyone at this office for making me feel less nervous about going to the dentist!

Everyone there is so kind and friendly.

Anonymous 11/10/14

Everyone there is so kind and friendly. I normally am scared to death to go to the dentist (in the past other dentists have hit the nerve) but every appointment at Natomas Crossing so far has been painless and my fear is fading away. No more pre-appointment anxiety-filled nights for me (yay!), and the work I've had done has all been great quality. I have recommended them to friends and co-workers.

True Professionals

Leon J. 11/11/14

I would absolutely recommend my family and friends to Dr. Harris. She and her staff are true professionals. In the past, I would always dread going to the dentist; however, now I never feel nervous and enjoy going to Natomas Crossing Dental. Thanks Doc Harris, see you again soon.

Best Dentist I Have Ever Had

Jody D. 4/22/2014

Dr. Harris & team are awesome. She is the best dentist I have ever had. I have referred her to friends and family. Wish she had an office in Roseville.

A Dentist Who Cares About Me

Stella W.

This is the best dentist I have been to in a long time. Finally, I found a dentist who cares about me. As soon as I walked in the door I felt the caring and compassion. I will be back. Thank you Dr. Harris, and your staff is amazing, too.

Comfortable and Responsive

Mike W. 1/19/14

The staff always makes me feel comfortable. They are responsive to all my questions and take time to ensure that my dental care is of the highest quality.

First Time Patient

Savannah S. 1/24/2014

The team took every step to make sure I was comfortable in every way. Communication was great and I felt at ease about everything that’s going to need taking care of over the next few months. As a first-time client, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a dentist to go here!!!

Excellent Care

Richard M. 3/11/2014

Always excellent care. Proud to have Dr. Harris as our family dentist.

Happy I Changed My Dentist

Krysta W. 3/20/2014

Everyone in the entire office is amazing. Very friendly, always greet me by name with a smile when I come in. I always feel welcome and taken care of. I love that they take my comfort into consideration, offering sunglasses while I am lying down, making sure that I’m not feeling any pain, etc. I’m so happy with my decision to change my dentist and start coming to this office.

A Culture of Excellence

Rosalee K. 3/28/2014

You have a great practice that demonstrates a culture of excellence, quality and concern for patients!! Thanks!!

Excellent Care

Edson K 4/11/2014

Excellent care. I really liked Dr. Harris, very nice but professional. I’ve had many root canals in my life, but this one was one of the most pleasant — well, as pleasant as any root canal can be.

I Recommend Dr. Harris!

Marianna E. 4/25/2014

Every time I’m there for my 6-month cleaning, I have a “new” dental hygienist. This time I had “Audrey.” She was as WONDERFUL as all have been in the past! NO complaints here! I am very impressed with the progressiveness of the office and the direction it is headed. I always recommend Dr. Harris to anyone I know looking for a good dentist! AWESOME!!

Friendly and Helpful

Amanda B. 5/2/2014

Everyone was very friendly and helpful during my visit. They listen to my concerns and honestly wanted to help me.


Hank G. 5/1/14

I never doubted this office has greatness. Tonya does such a great job here and everyone else reflects the same amazingness. It’s always hard going into a new dentist office and not even knowing what’s going on. Here I felt very comfortable and grabbed more than a better understanding. I was never embarrassed and felt comfortable to the max. I felt appreciated and didn’t hesitate booking another visit, I’ve always referred people even without knowing the practice in place. Now I can speak honestly and give better testimony. Keep up the excellent work.

Personable and Gentle

Ann N. 5/16/14

The dental hygienist was very personable and gentle. I appreciated the time that Dr. Harris spent with me explaining my treatment options and especially her follow-up phone call after business hours. I feel like I received excellent care and that I’m in good hands!

Best Dental Care Staff in My 50 Years

Erin D. 5/16/14

I really appreciated my hygienist, Stephanie. She did a wonderful job and was so gentle considering I had a pretty sore cheek when I arrived. Dr. Harris and her staff are the best dental care staff that I have encountered in my 50 years plus of visiting the dentist!

Audrey Was Awesome

Tomi F. 5/21/2014

I just wanted to say Audrey was awesome. I have sensitive teeth and she was very careful and caring. Thanks, Audrey!!!!

Great Service

Anna L. 6/4/2014

Service was great! Everyone that I came in contact with was friendly and knowledgeable. Very efficient and customer service-oriented.

Zoom! ® Whitening Success

Christine N. 7/18/2014

I did that ZOOM! whitening and the RDA that was with me the entire time was so professional. She made sure I felt comfortable and explained the procedure so well. She is truly an asset to the company.

New Dentist for My Son

Latisha G. 8/8/14

I transferred my 16-year-old son to this office because of the excellent communication, positive environment and genuine concern about one’s dental hygiene.

We Love Your Practice

Kay K. 6/9/2014

All were great: Katie, Dr. Sheila and Arcy. My husband and I love your practice! It is just perfect. Thanks so much.

Staff and Service is Great

Dao-Oiha V. 5/31/2014

I had met Katie at the front desk and she was very helpful and made me very comfortable during my visit. Also, I met Jessica and Gracie, the dental assistants, who were very helpful and friendly. They made my visit a great experience. Thank you to Dr. Harris and your staff for helping with my veneer process and procedure. I greatly appreciate the help and service given to me.

Very Friendly

Dolores B. 11/3/2013

I met the new DDS and was pleased with his service. The staff was very friendly. Thank you Dr. Harris for a great and wonderful staff.

Comforting & Nonjudgmental

Written by Neil P., Sacramento, CA

Tonya and Dr. Rho were absolutely awesome, as well as the assistant, whose name is escaping me at the moment. They all were assuring, nonjudgmental of my awful, awful teeth, and gave me plenty of comfort in what is, to so many, a scary moment. I'll definitely look forward to working with you all going forward!

Kind and Gentle Dental

Written by Roxanne R., Sacramento, CA

Stephanie was wonderful! Such a gentle cleaning. I am happy that she has cleaned my teeth twice now. Dr. Harris is always very kind to me. I am so grateful that when I needed a filling replaced or a cavity taken care of that Dr. Harris takes care of me on the same visit. I've had a fear of the dentist since I was a child and I am so grateful for Dr. Harris, Stephanie, and the rest of the staff.

Positive Dental Experience!

Written by Anonymous

This has been one of the most positive experiences I've had at the dentist. The dental hygienist was exceptional, she explained everything she was doing and I've honestly never had my teeth feel as clean after an appointment! I Dr. Rho was very friendly as well and unlike lots of previous dentist offices, there was no waiting once I was in the chair. I am so happy I made the decision to come here instead of somewhere else upon moving to Sacramento. Thank you!

Professional Doctor & Excellent Staff

By Varnell, Sacramento, CA

My experience at Dr. Harris’s office was one of professionalism & excellent service. She explained to me in detail my condition & her staff played a video in reference to what would take place with the latter. I felt that she was professional, honest & sincere. I know that my spouse & I made the right choice & we would recommend Dr. Harris & her staff to anyone desiring a professional dentist & a knowledgeable staff.

Natomas Crossing Saved My Teeth and My Money

By Krista, Sacramento, CA

I had gone to another dental office that recommended all sorts of expensive procedures be done to my teeth. At the last minute, I called Natomas Crossing to compare prices and theirs were considerably lower. I had a serious broken tooth and they fit me in and fixed it the same day I called. They also gave me honest and open communication regarding my insurance and what it covered. I am on a maintenance plan and know exactly how much I will be paying each time I go for the next year. The other dental office that I had been so loyal to NEVER did that and always charged me an arm and a leg. I couldn't afford to take care of my teeth with those guys and Natomas Crossing changed all that. Not only that, they were a small friendly office. I didn't feel like I was buying a used car.

Definitely a 5+ star rating!

By Rebecca L., Sacramento, CA

Dr. Harris and her staff are very caring and make you feel like you are the only person in the dental office. I have had the pleasure of being a patient at Natomas Crossing Dental Care for more than three years. Every time I come in, everyone is extremely pleasant and very nice. They are fantastic at getting you in and out and never push you to do anything more than you need to.

From the dental hygienists to the front desk personnel, everyone is always very attentive and I have never once had to wait to get into a chair. They call you back promptly after you check in for your appointment. To top it off, Dr. Harris always has a moment to talk and make great suggestions for my teeth or answer any questions I may have.

I recently moved away from the office but still drive 45 minutes every time I have a dentist appointment, just so I can come see those I call my friends at Natomas Crossing Dental Care. Definitely a 5+ star rating! Thank you Dr. Harris for making me so comfortable at the dentist!

Tooth Extraction

By Doug, Sacramento, CA

Well I must say the experience could not have been better. Had an abscessed tooth that needed to come out. The procedure was done in a professional manner and they made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Not having dental insurance they worked with me on payment that was fair. The most important thing is that I am feeling better. Thank you, Sheila and your staff!

Best Dentist!

By Ursula, Sacramento, CA

The staff at Natomas Crossing Dental Care is phenomenal! They are friendly and caring. I would definitely recommend their office to anyone, especially those who are uncomfortable going to the dentist. They make it painless and enjoyable.

I'll never go to another dentist!!

By Brittney R., Sacramento, CA

After three days of suffering extreme pain, I couldn't take it anymore. My Grandma called to schedule an appointment and discussed with them what was going on. My face was swollen up to my eye & I could barely compose myself. They told me to come in as soon as possible & get an exam. With just one X-ray, Dr. Harris knew what was wrong. I had an infection and needed an emergency root canal. She started on me right away! She coaxed me through the whole process. I've never been so excited to have a needle in my mouth! While I was being worked on, the kind ladies at the front desk were doing all that they could to get hold of my benefits because I wasn't in the system yet. I was relieved of my intolerable pain & taken care of with genuine kindness and professionalism. Dr. Harris herself even called me later that evening to check up on me. As long as I have a choice, I will never go to another dentist!

Friendly, experienced and timely

By Anonymous, Sacramento, CA

I have changed dentists quite a few times for a variety of reasons in the past few years. I've enjoyed the friendly staff at Dr. Harris's office. The wait time has never been longer than 2 or 3 minutes. They are fast, efficient and informative. I've had X-rays, cleanings and Invisalign. I finished the first prescribed round of Invisalign and felt that there was one more minute gap to tighten up. Dr. Harris was so good about getting the new set and I am extremely happy with the results. The entire office makes my visit so comfortable. I think I will try the teeth whitening for life later.

Great Dentist and Staff!

By Sherill M., Sacramento, CA

Dr. Harris went out of her way to answer all my questions to satisfaction, and did not try to "talk me into" any type of treatment/procedure that wasn't necessary or that I couldn't afford (unlike a previous experience I had in the past with a different dental office). The whole staff is extremely competent, treated me with respect, and made me feel comfortable.

Dr. Harris & friends

By Cristi R., Sacramento, CA

I was referred by my brother and sister-in-law who have kids, and I was greeted as if I was family. Great staff, advanced equipment, and Dr. Harris is fantastic. Attention to detail and very conscientious of their patients’ feelings. I always know what to expect, physically and financially. They went out of their way to make me comfortable and have a very homey atmosphere. Highly recommended!

One for the books

By Vera W., Sacramento, CA

I am one of the many who fear going to the dentist. After my first visit with Dr. Harris, I no longer fear seeing a dentist. Dr. Harris is a pleasant and caring dentist and makes my visits fear-free. She cares about how her patients feel and makes your visit pleasant. I will continue to have her as my primary dentist. She is not just my dentist, she is my friend.

The Best Ever!!!

By Cassie, Sacramento, CA

Dr. Harris and her team are wonderful. I never had to wait long in the waiting room, and everyone is kind and caring. Just a wonderful environment.

Exceptional Dentist!

By Jesus S, Sacramento, CA

I think the last dentist that I really liked was back when I was going to a pediatric dentist (years ago). I had asked for referrals because, let's face it, how can one possibly choose a good dentist from the phone book. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted with warm smiles. I did not have to wait long and Beth showed me to my chair. This being my first visit, I knew I had to go through the whole nine yards. The X-rays were preformed right there in the chair and I didn't have those annoying cardboard X-ray film. Afterward, Beth expeditiously cleaned my teeth. It was amazing. I never thought I would say that after going to the dentist. Then I met with the great Dr. Sheila Harris. Dr. Harris was thorough with my examination and in explaining the results. Dr. Harris took the time to go over my results, form a treatment plan and talk about other issues that I was having. I am in need of some major dental work and there were a couple of different avenues that I could have gone. I have done my research because past dentists never offered any kind of solution. Dr. Harris prescribed the exact treatment options and I felt at ease. I will say this again. I have never felt this comfortable at the dentist office. The office was clean, professional state-of-the-art equipment and the staff was both courteous and professional. I actually can't wait until my next visit.

Professional, Courteous and Knowledgeable

By Rana K., Sacramento, CA

I am definitely scheduling dental appointments for rest of my family here.

Got the service and more...

By Anonymous, Sacramento, CA

Great first-time dental experience. Polite and friendly front counter staff, treatment was quick and easy.

New Customer - Now Long-term Customer

By Sara L, Sacramento, CA

I had not been to the dentist in a couple of years. I was concerned about a few issues but with a thorough exam and cleaning, nothing to be concerned about. I can honestly say it was a very pleasant experience to go to the dentist.

I totally recommend Dr. Harris and her practice

By Robert L, Sacramento CA

My first visit to this office was about 8 months ago. Prior to that, I hadn't been to a dentist office in over two years. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive knowing I needed work to be done. The staff was very responsive to all of my questions from the dental procedures, X-rays and cleanings to insurance coverages.

Dr. Harris was very thorough in explaining the work I needed done and my options; options that I could make my decisions based on dollars and sense. Dr. Harris is a true professional to the nth degree, a perfectionist in her work and caring individual to boot.

The entire staff is super friendly, great at their jobs and just darn nice people. I totally recommend Dr. Harris and her practice.

Dr. Harris and the staff are wonderful

By Letie W, Sacramento CA

I've only been there 3 times so far and Dr. Harris and the staff are wonderful. From the time you walk in till you walk out, you're treated with the utmost respect and care. Rose, the dental hygienist, is awesome. Knowing I had never had an anesthetic shot in my mouth before (terrified and a baby when it comes to needles), she walked me through the whole process, told me what to expect every step of the way, and the best part...IT WAS PAINLESS!!! Thank you!!!